9 Ways to Repurpose Event Footage into Your Social Media Video Marketing Plan

In today’s fast-paced world, social media is an ever-changing landscape but one thing remains constant- a strong digital footprint helps brands and organizations build awareness, increase visibility, engage customers, establish loyalty and reach potential clients directly through their mobile device or laptop.

One of the most effective ways to increase your ROI and leverage the power of your social media video marketing plan is to repurpose event coverage and put its content to work in a series of engaging ways. In the past, brands filmed live events solely as a means to preserve them for their archives without taking into consideration the multitude of other uses the content could be used for. Not anymore! Today the savviest of marketers understand that corporate events can serve as content hubs, affording us the opportunity to plan, produce and capture material onsite to be utilized far beyond the lifespan of the event itself.

When done correctly, video can play a key role in marketing your business. According to The Search Engine Journal, YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google which confirms the stronghold that images have on people. In fact, social media platforms set their algorithms to prioritize video content over text-only posts so chances are by simply employing visuals, you’re likely to boost the amount of viewers that see your post.

Here are 9 ways you can repurpose your event footage into your social media video marketing plan today:

Highlight Reel

Create a reel of captured moments from award ceremonies to product reveals and launches to capture viewer interest and generate buzz. This could also be used as a vehicle to build excitement for a forthcoming product or service launch. A promotional tool like this is best used post-event when you have lots of great content and could be shared across all your social media platforms.

Red Carpet Moments Montage

Create a virtual Who’s Who montage featuring honorees, performers and industry executives from previous events that you can share throughout all your event stages. Post the montage on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to initiate pre-event buzz and build hype for the latest event, play a video clip onsite at your event highlighting past supporters and to showcase your sphere of influence or share it in a post-event social media recap. Don’t forget to tag those included people in the video and provide them with a shareable asset to help build your audience.

Behind the Scenes Look

People love getting a sneak peek about what goes on behind the scenes so let them get a glimpse behind the curtain from some of your past events. Generate some excitement by showing footage of uncorking champagne bottles, setting up tablescapes, band rehearsals, honorees practicing their remarks, anything that gives viewers an insider’s look at the pre-event happenings. These videos can be shared at the event from happenings earlier in the week or that day itself to give attendees a look at all the moving parts that were put into play to pull off the event they’re at. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are all good channels to post this type of content and by tagging performers, honorees, vendors and the venue itself you can boost the likelihood of your video being shared by the parties involved and gain more views organically.

Live Feed

While a live feed is a great way to build onsite excitement and boost public interest in real time, you can also repurpose that footage post-event across your social media channels, allowing those that missed the event to feel like a part of it.

Share Attendee-Generated Event Content

Create a universal hashtag for your event and be sure to include it in all your marketing materials as well as prominently at the event itself. This is a strategic way to get your attendees to share their own content during and after the event and help build your own content library.

Be sure to search social media for your hashtag during and after your event and share user-generated content on your platforms, crediting the original poster and engaging them in conversation.

Visual Testimonial

Customer testimonials are an effective medium allowing brands the opportunity to humanize their products and services. In a world of “Show Me versus Tell Me”, videos are able to convey your message visually. Whether it’s a moving story about how your product allowed someone to feel better and spend more time with their loved ones, to sharing how your service cut hours from someone’s workload to a feature on how your product makes it way to someone’s breakfast table, video brings your messaging to life so be sure to engage people at your events by asking them on-camera questions or doing brief on-site interviews to build up your content library. You’ll need to put a strategy in place before the event to ensure you capture everything you need to make this happen onsite. These testimonials can be promoted across all your social media channels and be sure to tag the people in your videos too so they can share your work.

Email Signature Line

Put your event coverage to work for you daily by adding a hyperlink to your email signature line with the event highlight video that aligns with your organization’s mission. This is a good way to pique interest and share information with everyone you correspond with via email throughout the year. You might even consider changing the link to feature different footage during the year depending on your calendar of events. For instance, if it’s time for your annual charity run, link your signature line to highlight footage from last year’s run.

Call to Action Directive

We’ve all seen the online directives to Buy now, Register here, Learn More or Make a Difference and Donate Today. What better way to encourage people to take the next step than by showing others who already have? Whether you are using video snippets of families participating in your charity walk, black-tie clad donors waving an auction paddle in the air to support your cause or corporate changemakers making progress, let your visual content from past events drive viewers to take future action. Just to be sure you capture this action at all your events you have it for future use.

Save the Date Teaser

Whether you’re getting ready to announce an upcoming conference, non-profit gala or product launch, a great way to spark initial interest and build excitement across your social media channels is to showcase past event coverage. Posting this type of content will allow you to effectively highlight your previous work while directing viewers to your website for more details about your upcoming event. Facebook,Instagram stories and Linked In are all excellent platforms for this type of promotion.

While these are all great ways to begin extending the life of your event footage, it is by no means an exhaustive list, in fact it is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the myriad of things you can do to take your social media video marketing to the next level. Spending the time in advance of your event to determine the best ways to curate and capture onsite content to utilize for future use can save you both time and money down the line.

To get started, True Film Production would like to extend an invitation to you for a 15-minute complimentary discovery session to discuss how you can make the most of your event content and create more opportunities to utilize it as part of your brand’s social media video marketing strategy. During this interactive session, you will have the opportunity to share in detail what you’d like to achieve and learn how we can help you get the results you deserve.

To book your free session, email info@truefilmproduction.com

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10 Not-So Secrets of an Entrepreneur

One thing I have found is that becoming a successful entrepreneur is not a matter of having a great idea. That great idea is just the beginning. It takes the right combination of certain factors to take that great idea and make it into something successful.

I have found 10, not-so secret, secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur. Here they are.

Strong leadership abilities

An entrepreneur cannot build an empire without strong leadership skills. An entrepreneurial endeavor comes with a certain about of uncertainty and unpredictability. A strong leader can reassure his team and motivate them to keep moving forward.

Strong self-motivation

Motivation for an entrepreneur must come from within. An external motivation, like a job loss or pressure from a loved one, is not going to get a budding entrepreneur very far. A strong, internal drive to succeed and take an idea as far as possible will push that person forward even on the worst days.

Willingness to fail

Failure is a part of business, especially for entrepreneurs. It helps them learn what is not working, so they can change directions toward what is working. It builds a certain mental resiliency that makes the entrepreneur stronger and more motivated than ever.

Willingness to do the hard work necessary

Let’s be honest. Starting up a business is not a simple task. There are tons of things to do and, in most cases, very few people to do it all. The entrepreneur must be willing and able to put in the hours and hard work necessary to keep the business running and moving forward.

Dedication to see the venture through

An entrepreneur must have a stubborn sense of dedication. Getting people to buy into a new idea can be an uphill battle. Getting lenders to buy into a vision can be a long journey littered with rejection. Getting customers to make that first order can seem like an effort in futility. That is why dedication is critical for entrepreneurs.

Desire to build strong relationships

Almost all successful businesses are built on strong relationships. The entrepreneur must have the desire and ability to build those kinds of relationships with peers, employees, vendors, lenders, investors, customers, and just about everyone else.

Willingness to treat staff the right way

Treat your staff with trust, dignity and respect, and you will see results. If you treat your staff members right, they will treat your customers right. If they feel discontent and no motivation, that will reflect in how they treat your customers.

Constant sense of competitiveness

One thing that motivates most successful entrepreneurs is the desire to win any challenge presented to them. They see opening up a company as one of the biggest challenges out there. This sparks their competitive side to win at all costs.

Ability to recognize and address knowledge gaps

The inability or unwillingness to ask questions is a weakness that can cause a business to fail before it gets off the ground. Asking questions and seeking advice from subject matter experts is a cornerstone of successful entrepreneurs.

Comfortable with taking risks

Opening a business is a risk. Putting yourself out there to sell your idea to a potential investor is a risk. Signing that first customer contract is a risk. Cold calling 20 people a day is a risk. An entrepreneur who is risk-adverse is not going to get very far.

I have seen many great ideas go nowhere because the people behind them just did not have what it takes for an entrepreneur to succeed. Do you have what it takes?