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What Will Vice Do With $450 Million?

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Template Post

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14 Soft Skills New Hires Need for Success

There are a lot of different programs out there that help teams communicate. But which process works best?

When you’re looking to hire someone, not everything you need to know is on the resume. Sometimes, you need the right soft skill to make sure the candidate will not only fit but thrive in your corporate culture.

To find out what those crucial abilities are, we asked members from the Young Entrepreneur Council this question:

Q. What is the one “soft skill” you find most essential when considering a new hire?

1. Curiosity

While we hire for specific roles, we know that in six months (or sooner!) the needs of the company and that role will change. I want folks who can be great at their job today, but who are also always thinking about what we can do better, both internally and for our customers. A team of curious folks who ask questions will help make sure your business doesn’t stagnate. —Aaron Schwartz, Modify Watches

2. Emotional intelligence

When a person demonstrates a high emotional intelligence, it shows that they are perceptive and, most importantly, self-aware. New hires who possess a high emotional intelligence are always appealing candidates, because this is not a skill you can easily teach. In a team-based organization, high self-awareness is a very valuable attribute. —David Ciccarelli, Voices.com

3. Email communication skills

An essential soft skill is the ability to produce typo-free, well-written, well-formatted email communications throughout the hiring process. We have a high bar in terms of what we expect from our work product. If new hires cannot nail straightforward email communications pre-hire when they’re putting their best foot forward, I can’t expect that they will do so after they’ve been hired. —Douglas Baldasare, ChargeItSpot

4. People skills

My business deals with clients on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and building a genuine rapport with clients. It’s imperative that everyone on my team understands the importance of this skill, whether or not they work with clients directly, as it is the core of our business. —Stanley Meytin, True Film Production

5. Hunger

The people I bring onto my team are go-getters. I want someone who is hungry to succeed, so that I don’t have to always instruct on what to do next. I always love someone who comes to me with ideas of how to grow and improve. There is a multitude of skills I look at when making a hiring decision, but hunger is a big one. —Renato Libric, Bouxtie Inc

6. Self-Awareness

You know that the right hire won’t be great at everything under the sun. Ask an applicant what they know they’re not good at, and they should be able to answer this questions quickly and specifically. Generic answers will tell you that they have weak self-awareness. Hires who don’t already know their own weak points require heavy management, because they won’t know when to stop and ask for help. —Roger Lee, Captain401

7. Humor and positivity

There is so much stress at times that it helps to have people on the team who can inject humor and positivity into the mix at an appropriate time. This helps the rest of the team look on the brighter side and approach any challenges in a better frame of mind. It also reduces tension and conflict. Plus, it just makes work more fun. —Angela Ruth, Due

8. Willingness to make phone calls

In a world of email and text, it’s amazing how many people refuse, or downright hate, to get on a phone call. In business, there are times when you can accomplish more in a 20-minute phone call than in 200 emails. When evaluating a new hire, look at their ability to pick up the phone, return your call, and carry the conversation. This quality can make or break one’s ability to thrive at their job. —Kim Kaupe, ZinePak

9. Persistence

No matter what the role, if the potential hire isn’t persistent, he or she is likely to throw in the towel at any immediate sign of a challenge. When one is persistent, though, he or she will dig for the answer, the sale, or anything else. —Darrah Brustein, Network Under 40

10. Honesty

I would call honesty a skill in this day and age of unethical behavior in business, fake news, and leaders who continually lie to their audiences. Finding honest and ethical new hires is a real asset. —Zach Binder, Ipseity, Inc

11. Ability to learn from experience

Learning is a critical skill for every job, but not everyone wants to learn, and some people struggle with learning from experience rather than from traditional classes. Much of how we work is learned “on-the-job,” so it is critical to assess a potential hire’s learning agility. One way is to listen for how the person has learned from their previous experiences and then applied that information. —Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Meeteor

12. Self-Motivation

Hiring someone who is self-motivated and disciplined is essential, especially because our team is fully remote. Remote work comes with many perks, but it’s not for everyone. Remote employees need to be extremely disciplined and understand that just because they are not working in a physical office doesn’t mean they don’t have to work. We look for people who have the motivation to get the work done. —Dave Nevogt, Hubstaff.com

13. Autodidactism

Since traditional job descriptions have become loose, employees are expected to obtain a broader amount of skills to keep their competitive value sharp. Being an autodidact is a great trait to have in a new hire. It means they will always be focused on learning and won’t shy away from acquiring new skills. If you ever need to make a pivot, these are the people who will succeed. —Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

14. Versatility

I want to bring people on board who aren’t limited to one focus. Having an employee who is knowledgeable in multiple facets of the business not only makes us stronger as a team, but that knowledge will help us grow in the future. —Abhilash Patel, Recovery Brands

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5 Industries Making the Most of Facebook Live

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An Independence Day Movie Marathon

Before watching the fireworks this Fourth of July, click on a classic American film to help celebrate our country’s independence. From fictional films that illuminate the realities of war to historical dramas about sports to good ol’ fashioned superhero stories, this list has something for every viewer…and weirdly a lot of Tom Cruise.


10. Top Gun


Top Gun is not only a funny, romantic, classic action movie about fighter pilots, it’s also legitimately important to the conservation of American history. That is according to the U.S. Library of Congress. In 2015, Top Gun was added to the National Film Registry, along with Shawshank Redemption and Ghostbusters, for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.


9. Lincoln


Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day-Lewis combine powers for this the greatest historical drama in recent history. In it, the two Hollywood heavyweights manage to make a history lesson about the end of the Civil War and the writing of the Emancipation Proclamation absolutely riveting. Tommy Lee Jones also gives an almost-upstaging performance as the foul-mouthed Republican Congressman Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania.


8. Apollo 13

Long before the likes of IMAX, Interstellar, and Neil deGrasse Tyson made space travel seem like a very expensive cake walk, Apollo 13 drew attention to the real dangers of leaving the atmosphere in favor of reaching other planets. Leave the U.S. and the this terrestrial planet behind for an anxiety-inducing two hour true-to-life drama about the 1970 aborted lunar mission and the resulting attempt to bring U.S. astronauts back to Earth.


7. Born on the Fourth of July


An autobiographical account of Vietnam War veteran Ron Kovic’s enlisted life, Born on the Fourth of July is the first installment in director/screenwriter Oliver Stone’s trilogy dedicated to life before, during, and after the Vietnam War. An award-winning film, this movie was Tom Cruise’s first Academy Award nomination, which he received for his portrayal of Kovic.


6. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington


If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in the U.S. Senate and CSPAN just isn’t going the trick, watch this 1939 political feature that follows a newly-appointed Senator on his journey to Washington, D.C. to figure corruption. James Stewart plays Senator Jefferson “Jeff” Smith, a presumptuously naive Boy Rangers group leader who finds himself in office and struggles to adapt to the unrelenting atmosphere of the nation’s capital. The film was nominated for eleven Academy Awards, winning for Best Writing, Original Story.


5. Air Force One


This mid-air action thriller follows Egor Korshunov (Gary Oldman), a Russian loyalist who hijacks Air Force One while veteran-turned-President James Marshall (Harrison Ford) and his cabinet as well as his family is aboard. Watch as the commander-in-chief attempts to retake the plane after it is stormed by Korshunov’s men, who were disguised as members of the press and aided by a double-crossing secret service agent. It’s a heart-pounding tale of heroism that features (as a recent WSJ poll calls it) the “greatest fictional president.”


4. A Few Good Men


Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, and Twin Peaks‘s brooding heartthrob James Marshall star in this story of court-martialed marines and murder. As well as having a stellar cast, this 90s legal drama also has a cameo from screenplay writer Aaron Sorkin and the infamous line, “You can’t handle the truth!”


3. Captain America


Captain America is about origins. Follow pip squeak and local Brooklynite Steve Rogers as he enters the U.S. Army only to learn that despite his courageous heart and early acts of valor, he just doesn’t have the brawn for the job. Rogers then enlists in a secret military program to become the ultimate super-soldier, an act that transforms him into the shield-toting super hero that we know today.


2. Miracle


Based on the 1980’s U.S. Men’s olympic hockey team, Miracle tracks the journey of these twenty-odd young college athletes from tryouts to their heated initial practices to all the way to Lake Placid and the Games. Kurt Russell plays head coach Herb Brooks, who’s rallying speeches will have you believe that you too can trounce the Soviets in the first medal round.


1. Independence Day


In this classic film about the impending apocalypse and extraterrestrials, Will Smith stars as Captain Steven Hiller, an ill-fated USMC pilot who find himself amidst an alien invasion on the eve of Independence Day. More summer blockbuster than political drama, this movie is for those of us who enjoy explosions, space invaders, and Jeff Goldblum and need something a little more light-hearted given the current political climate.


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Facebook: (No Longer?) A Social Network

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Who Will Take Home the Gold Lion at Cannes?

Some of the best creative minds in the communications and advertising business are gathering this month for the 2017 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France. Each covet the same prize: a lion. A gold, a bronze, a silver, a glass, or the grand prix. Either of the awards would be an acknowledgment by the community of their success. Before the judges make their final decisions, here are some of this year’s entries that are sure to take home the gold.


5. “Cook This Page”



A trip to Ikea usually means a fight with whomever you’re buying furniture with followed by a tense meal of swedish meat balls in the food court. The Scandinavian store is switching up the process by making their food selection more kitchen-friendly. In an attempt to coax beginner chefs into trying their recipes, Ikea has designed a foolproof way to follow along.


4. “Child Replacement Program”



One of the grimmest sounding entries, this Pedigree advertisement is a bit of a bait-and-switch for empty nesters and dog-lovers. Just as you’re reaching for your tissues and thinking of ringing your parents, this campaign reminds you who man’s best friend is and just how replaceable we all are.


3. “The Ostrich”



Ostriches are well-known as one of the world’s flightless birds. Next to penguins, emus, and kiwis, they can’t use their wings, a evolutionary predicament which Samsung saw as an opportunity to advertise their new virtual reality goggles. They present us with the possibility of pursuing the impossible and encourage their viewers to #DoWhatYouCant.


2. “Refugee Nation”



Several advertisements at this year’s festival referenced the recent summer Olympics in Rio. Ogilvy New York and Amnesty International partnered to highlight an unprecedented that unfolded during the opening ceremony. For the first time in the event’s long history, a group of athletes representing the world’s refugee population marched under their own flag. An orange and black banner, representing the life preservers that so many had worn on their journey to safety, was carried and from that day forth began to symbolize refugees everywhere.


1. “Fearless Girl”



In celebration of International Women’s Day, McCann partnered with State Street Global Advisors to draw attention to what happens when women are in positions of leadership. Working with sculptor Kristen Visbel, they installed in the dead of night the statue of a young girl in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Facing Arturo Di Modica’s Charging Bull, this Fearless Girl became an overnight symbol of empowerment.

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Making Snap Decisions on What to Watch

Television used to disappear. Unless you had a VHS tape and a second VCR at the ready, there was no way to capture whatever was being screened. You had to wait for the episode to be shown again or wait until you could get your hands on a physical copy. In the past two decades, that process, that relationship between viewer and content has changed dramatically.


Technology gave rise to DVR, TiVo, Netflix. Suddenly, you could record the second season of Friends to watch later. Then you could stream the entire series directly from your TV. A small flood of applications, plugins, set-top boxes, and devices facilitated the shift away from traditional broadcasting and brought even the most reluctant viewer into this new digital age of television.

With a larger and larger audience collecting in the digital space, those same streaming services that brought TV online began creating content specifically for the internet. Hulu Originals, Netflix Originals, YouTube Red, and Amazon Video were all formed with the purpose of providing video content that could all be watched virtually anywhere and at any time. Television without the TV. There was no need to tune-in, no reason to ever miss an episode again. Entire seasons could be released at once and you could watch them simultaneously or a month later.


Since you no longer needed a primetime slot on a major network to garner an audience, there was nothing preventing creators from vying for absolutely everyone’s attention. Everyone with access to a screen would see your video. Television was in everyone’s pocket at all times. Or on their laptop, tablet, or even their good ol’ fashion tv.

So the question becomes with a dozen ways to tune-in, what to watch? Well, you could take 2 days 11 hours and binge watch all of Game of Thrones. Or you could take 27 minutes and catch a single High Maintenance? But you’re also a whole season behind on OITNB… The sheer possibility is overwhelming. We’re in the midst of a television renaissance, a new hit show is always premiering and you’re constantly catching up. Have you seen The Handmaiden’s Tale yet? Did you ever even get around to Silicon Valley?


Sometimes what you need is not twelve hours of television. You just need to tune-out for a minute and watch something. Perhaps mindlessly or just for a laugh. A light comedy, a nature documentary about an unlikely animal friendship, one of those how-it’s-made specials. You don’t have an hour or you don’t want to spend that long watching something. You just need a quick something while you’re waiting for your train, before you have to figure out what you’re doing for dinner, as you’re getting ready for bed.

This busy audience is perhaps who Time Warner was thinking of when they signed a $100 million deal with Snapchat. They then tasked the app, known for ephemeral, impermanent video, with creating almost a dozen original shows, each lasting only a few minutes.


Short form series, like Gayle or Broad City, have proven that you don’t need a full hour to convince an audience to come back next week. It’s the newest frontier in video making and may be another reason behind Time Warner’s decision to adapt some of it’s content to this medium. The company will pull from the HBO and Turner TV networks as well as the Warner Brothers studio to fill the channel. According to Nick Bell, vice president of content for Snapchat, the deal will mean branching “out into new genres, including scripted dramas, comedies, daily news shows, documentaries and beyond.”


With $100 million to fund its once flailing efforts, will Snapchat be able to change the viewing experience as streaming had done? Or will the advent of a scripted drama change the way in which the platform delivers content? Thankfully for Snapchat, we’ll just to tune-in to find out.

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Credibly – Case Study

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