How CEOs Can Use Storytelling to Build a Personal Brand

Self-branding helps you bring people into your world while inspiring theirs.

We’ve all heard the of people like Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Paris Hilton because they are masters at personal branding. While it’s not always wise to chase down the success levels of a company like Walmart or Google, it is always wise to follow the branding strategies of personalities who have made a name for themselves with a consistent presence, an authentic voice, and a video camera. As a CEO of a medium-sized company, your personal story is an important part of your brand’s story. A lot of professionals try to separate their personal and professional lives, but in a world where we are so connected, yet disconnected from people, it’s important to remember the human element of business and share the vulnerability, authenticity, vision and dreams of yourself and your company.

Crafting Your Personal Branding Story

Self-branding starts where you started. It might seem strange to talk about where you grew up, places you’ve lived, and things you’ve done, but the truth is that the more people know about you, the more they want to know. And the more they want to know, the more interest they will have in your company. As CEO, it’s easy to stay buttoned-up and tight-lipped about your experiences, but some of the most successful people have found a balance between sharing and showing off, between creating a personal brand and lending it to a professional brand. And it all starts with where you come from.

Trace Your Beliefs

Think about how where you came from helped to shape your beliefs. Think about what you saw and experienced helped you to become the person you are today. All too often, people turn a cold shoulder to their past, especially if it is not something they are proud of, but as a CEO trying to create a personal brand, you want to share your struggles – and triumphs – with the world. Companies are exposed by nature: people will see through the facade if the brand of the company is poorly constructed. But when it comes to a personal brand, the developing years of a CEO shouldn’t be brushed under the rug. Part of a great self-branding strategy is to examine what was learned from the experiences you’ve had. Self-reflection is not easy, but it is worth it to help shape the story you want to tell. Tracing your beliefs to your past will help you understand why you do the things you do now.

Future Value

While it might not seem that important to tell your personal story as you are ramping up your business, a lot of CEOs, especially successful ones, go on to write about themselves in a book or feature article. Whether you publicize your story now or in the future, it is worth sitting down and drawing out the details of what helped to make you, you. Consider how the story will play on the ears of people who hear it. Is the intent to inspire, motivate, share a struggle, share a win? Crafting a personal brand starts with a story. It’s the driving force behind everything you do, whether you realize it or not. And if you are resistant to creating such a story, you are losing out on opportunities to connect with your customers, staff, and investors – people buy from and invest in people they like.

Your Personal Brand Story is Worth Something

It’s impossible to think about your personal brand without thinking about your story. Who are you? What do you bring to the table? What is it about you that makes you, you? What is it about you that showcases your authenticity? How have you connected with your audience in the past? What is it you want people to know about you? Don’t sell yourself short: nobody’s past is standard. There is a gem-of-a-story in there somewhere, it just needs to be brought to life. The paths we walk in life help us to become the people we are today. It’s important to share that path, and what you’ve learned with your audience. It’s why employees will follow you into the fire, and why customers will stay loyal even during down times. Your personal story is worth so much more than you think and it will impact people in ways you can never know.

Work With Professionals to Craft Your Story

The crew at True Film Production can help you bring out that story and bring it to life. Personal branding stories evolve and change over time, it’s not a one-and-done situation. Because you change, your company changes, your vision changes, your mission changes, your story can change with it, and we can help you share your story with the world.

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The Most Successful Live Streaming Shows and Why They Do Well

Get online in real time and grow your business faster.

Live streaming is an up and coming service that companies are finding their way to, and it’s not without its ups and downs, but that’s part of the process and fun of learning! There’s no doubt that video content is the way to go when it comes to reaching your audience in a profound and memorable way, but live streaming, such as Facebook Live, can help you connect with them in real time. And that’s powerful stuff. Live streams come in all shapes and sizes, and there are some companies out there doing some pretty amazing things. Some people have set up 24-hour live streams so you can tune in anytime you want, others have designated times when they come online and talk to you. It’s a wonderful mishmash of options. When considering your options for live streaming, it’s smart to look at what others are doing, so we’ve put together some of the best live streaming shows and channels on the planet to help inspire you to share your story with the world.

One of the coolest live streaming shows online doesn’t star a single person, it stars all the people! It’s a live stream of the earth from a satellite in space and it’s just breathtaking. Soft, relaxing music plays while the stream runs and at any given moment thousands of people are watching the world, from the world, together. If you are looking for inspiration for your company to live stream, consider a 24-hour stream and become your own real-life version of “The Office.”

Why we like this live stream: it shows the world at large and when you are giving it your all to build a business, it can feel like you are getting nowhere. This live stream reminds us that we are all in this together and we should be helping one another as much as we can. We get to craft our own stories and show the world what we want them to see, but at the end of the day, it’s remarkable how small the world really is.

A live stream from a woman who needs no introduction, Martha Stewart’s Facebook Live videos are among some of the most popular in the world. And it’s no wonder: she’s the maven of home goods and everything organization. If you thought she was cool when she hooked up with Snoop Dog to do a cooking show, you should see her Facebook Live show. She brings on special guests, creates one-of-a-kind crafts and dishes, and shares her love of life with the world.

Why we like this live stream: There’s nobody on earth more personable and approachable than Martha Stewart. Every woman wants to be here and every man wishes he came home to a home-cooked meal by Martha on a regular basis. She’s kind in her approach to sharing information and always acts with the best interest of her audience. Except, you know, that time she was convicted of fraud, but when it comes to her generosity and authenticity in front of the camera, she’s second to none.

T-Mobile’s CEO takes to Facebook Live to share the day-to-day aspects of his life and to connect with the massive company’s audience. You’ll see him doing everything from baking to holding meetings in his Facebook Live streams and he tries to take questions when he can. T-Mobile is a national cell phone service carrier that has recently moved into other services, such as cable television and is known as the “uncarrier” of television.

Why we like this live stream: John is as authentic as they come. You wouldn’t think that a CEO of a major national cell phone company would be so cool, but he really is that cool. He hops on and off Facebook to keep his audience engaged and share what’s going on. He is not your typical CEO and we like tuning in to see what is going on in his world.

Benefit Cosmetics’ tagline is “laughter is the best cosmetic” and we couldn’t agree more. Check out the Facebook page for Benefit and see why it’s a growing company based in San Fransisco. The crew at Benefit run weekly live Facebook events and do tons of giveaways. Their sets are beautiful and really engaging and their staff are fun to listen to – everyone is always laughing. Talking amongst themselves or talking to people who take the time to comment, this streaming show is one to check out.

Why we like this live stream: besides the bright and cheery atmosphere that the company portrays, the conversations and topics are about more than just make-up. You can tell that people love their jobs there and they enjoy hanging out with people online. What was once a strange concept: “hanging out online” is now one of the leading ways to connect with our audiences, and these guys do a great job of showcasing their love of product, company, and each other.

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things

When it comes to live streaming on Facebook, you can’t go wrong. But in order to make a more meaningful impact, you want to plan ahead, think about what you want to share, give your best advice, share your best stories, and most importantly, be yourself. People can tell when you are being fake and live video is not the place to try to swing a facade. We love these video streams because they all bring something different to the world of streaming and that’s the beauty of what live video can do for you and your company. It can help you show up in a way that is right for you.

If you need help putting together a streaming strategy for your Facebook Live show, reach out to the team at True Film Production. Our experienced video production team knows how to help you hone your streaming techniques to make the most impact, reach the most people, and provide real value to your customers and audience at large.

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Top 6 Videos About Company Culture

Looking for inspiration to showcase your culture to the world? You’ll find it in these company culture videos.

Culture remains one of the most talked about topics as we close the chapter on another year. Looking ahead to 2019, business owners can’t help but think about how they are going to continue to make an impact on their employees as well as their customers. Culture is a driving force in the success, or failure, of a company. The more robust a company’s culture, the more likely a company is to survive hardship, downturn, and of course, massive growth.

What’s interesting about culture videos is that they are often from the inside out: companies control what the world sees about their businesses, operations, and employee interactions, but certain companies, like the ones showcased here, have a knack for getting the message just right. Whether they are sharing recruitment videos or company picnics, people gravitate toward these messages because the companies have created a vision for the future. Everyone has their own opinions about what makes a company’s culture strong and steady, so we’ve put together a list of the best company culture videos to help you build your message from the ground up.

The culture of Starbucks needs no introduction anymore. Everyone knows that whether you visit a Starbucks in Las Vegas or Europe, you are going to find the exact same messaging and culture. Employees love their jobs, feel empowered and autonomous, and are encouraged to learn as much as possible to be better at their jobs. Who wouldn’t love that kind of culture?

What we like about this video: this video traces the path of interns from the introduction to full-time employment and it’s easy to see how Starbucks invests in its people. People want to be better and are getting the support and encouragement they need from this massive organization.

You know and love TOMS because for every shoe you buy, they give a pair of shoes to someone who needs them. Not only do people love these shoes, but people also love the culture and commitment to giving back.

What we like about this video: the employees are genuine and relaxed. The video feels like a typical day-in-the-life allowing people to peer into the company and see how it works. You can tell the employees believe in the core values of Zappos.

Zappos is known for their incredible online shoe sales business model, but they are also known for their amazing company culture. They focus on work-life integration, not work-life balance. Employees feel like they don’t need to draw the line between home and office and everyone has a lot of fun doing a job they love.

What we like about this video: It’s clear that the employees love their jobs. You can fake that. When you want to create recruitment videos, you need to showcase your best and brightest and it really helps when your employees are candid about their experiences in your company.

ZenDesk paints a picture of the culture, but also of the community. This company culture video helps you glimpse into what it’s like to live and work in San Francisco. Employees volunteer, give back to the community, and work hard and play hard.

What we like about this video: we like that the video shows the audience what ZenDesk works for: the people. The video shows where and when the company works and it’s easy to imagine how the company came to be by tracing the locations and contributions of those involved.

You can’t talk about a company culture video series without talking about Apple. Apple is one of the most easily recognized brands in the world and they rarely use words to show people what they do: they use video and graphics, ideas and concepts to bring people to the table. Everyone at Apple believes that if you get the right people in the room, great things can happen.

What we like about this video: Apple is a company that feels like it is beyond reach for most small and medium-sized businesses, but this video lets us steal a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes and breaks down the barriers and intimidation of the company. It’s about people with vision working collaboratively, and they do it so well.

GoDaddy doesn’t just get your website online, they believe in what they do so strongly that they welcome people to come as they are and bring what they can to the group. Fun and excitement are important to the crew at GoDaddy and employees talk candidly about how much the company cares.

What we like about this video: getting to hear from the employees in their working environment feels natural and welcoming. It’s not staged and it showcases how people work and interact.

Ready to Create a Company Culture Video?

If you are looking to wow your audience, consider creating a company culture video that showcases a behind-the-scenes look, tells a story, or shares a win. When you celebrate your culture, people are more likely to contribute to it. Be bold and be brave and contact True Film Production to help you produce an amazing company culture video or recruitment video today.

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10 Innovative Technologies With Potential Impact for Business

From advancements in artificial intelligence technologies to 3D printing, 2018 has been a major year in tech. As cutting-edge technologies reach the market and are integrated, business strategies may evolve as well.

To find out what innovations are coming and what’s likely to impact the business sphere, I asked a panel of entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council the following question:

With many new applications and innovations at play, what technology do you expect will have the most exciting implication for businesses in the coming year and why?

Their best answers are below:

1. 5G networks

Telecommunications companies began rolling out 5G networks this year. 5G offers faster connectivity at lower latencies and lower power consumption. That means mobile connectivity is faster than most wired broadband in the U.S. I believe it will fuel innovation in the internet of things, smart homes, augmented reality, virtual reality, health care, media, cloud services and more, which will create tremendous business opportunities across many industries. – Vik PatelFuture Hosting

2. Mainstream blockchain apps

I believe that 2019 will be the year when we finally see the first decentralized apps (usually called dApps) go mainstream and have millions of users. I think we’ll also see billion-dollar valuations in many blockchain companies, which even today is still strange and that I believe will become more common in the next few years. I think next year will be exciting for blockchain startups. – Brian CondenanzaFluo Shoes

3. More AI-enabled platforms for automated work

The more AI-enabled solutions we develop, the better we’ll be able to focus on our core work and leave busy work and time-intensive rote tasks to the machines. – Serenity GibbonsNAACP

4. Machine learning for customer service

I’m keeping a close eye on the rapid enhancements in machine learning to help customer service professionals be more effective. With the acquisitions of AI technology companies by big players, this is clearly going to be a very hot topic in tech. – Eng TanSimplr

5. 3D printing

I think 3D printing will be a catalyst in American manufacturing. We can start making several small items like toys, logos, gift items and others using 3D printing in our houses. 3D printing makes it easier to make a prototype and test it, instead of spending several thousands of dollars to make a prototype. I see a future where retailers start doing 3D printing for consumers as well. – Piyush JainSimpalm

6. New security measures

We’re excited to see an increased emphasis on data security. As data breaches have entered the mainstream news cycle, consumers have developed a greater awareness of how their data is treated, and there is greater corporate responsibility around data privacy. New security tools are emerging on both corporate and consumer sides. We must be cognizant of security risks that come with new technologies. – Zohar SteinbergToken Payments

7. Augmented reality

I believe the new integrations between augmented reality, retail and mobile phones are going to be incredible. As this technology continues to advance, it’s going to provide businesses with an incredible way to showcase their products. This will only get better as images will be rendered with more realistic environmental lighting effects. – Nicole MunozNicole Munoz Consulting Inc.

8. More AI solutions for small- to medium-sized businesses

The applications for AI are getting increasingly sophisticated in the marketing space but at this time are largely inaccessible to small- and medium-sized businesses. It will be exciting as these technologies evolve and are built for more extensive use cases. – Baruch LabunskiRank Secure

9. Wearable tech

I think wearable tech will continue to be one of the most exciting businesses. Whether it’s smartwatches, glasses or even smart clothes, we’re going to see changes in the way we wear and interact with tech. – Syed BalkhiWPBeginner

10. Optimized communication

Businesses cannot function without communication and connection. With this new wave of faster, better and stronger internet connections, so too will come faster, better and stronger human connections. I’m eager to explore new possibilities for maintaining a connection with my local team, as well as ways to connect with my team abroad. – Stanley MeytinTrue Film Production

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Five Tips for Creating an Effective Video Content Strategy for Your Next Conference

Get Maximum Return on Your Investment with Video Content

It’s no secret that professional conferences and trade shows cost a lot of money, and let’s not forget about the time and effort required to get there. A one-day trade can often turn into a two or three-day event with travel and recoup time, so you want to make the most of your time while you are there. But that’s not all you need to consider when thinking about attending a conference or trade show. You also need to think about how to capture attention and promote your presence before you get there, and then you need to think about how you can capture content for post-promotion and marketing. We’ve put together five tips to help you create a compelling video content strategy for your next conference or trade show so you can make the most of your time, efforts, and resources.

Get Ahead of It

As soon as you decide you are going to attend a conference or trade show, start thinking about what kind of video content you can create to promote your attendance. It’s easy to create live video on Facebook and Instagram, but you can also work with a professional production company to prepare video segments that portray your products, services, why you are attending the conference or trade show and what you hope to contribute to it, as well as what you hope to get out of it. Start promoting yourself weeks in advance if you can. The more exposure you get, the more successful your content strategy will be.

Stream it Live

You can stream from the moment you begin traveling to your conference, to the moment you walk out the door at the end of the conference. Streaming your conference allows you to share what’s happening and, let’s be honest, it creates a lot of FOMO (fear of missing out) for people who couldn’t get to the conference this year. You can bet they’ll think twice about missing it next year when they see how much fun you are having! Your video content strategy should include live streaming, even outside of conferences, because it lets people into the inner-workings of your company. Customers buy from companies they trust, remember.

Capture Content for Later

Another tip for making the most of your video content strategy for a conference or trade show is to make sure you capture a lot of content offline. For example, talk to customers or visitors to your booth one-on-one and ask them if you can get a testimonial from them. That is video gold in marketing, and you can use that content in all kinds of ways: social media clips, text-based graphics, quotes on your website, and more. Take in as many events as you can and be sure to get video clips to share on social media now and later.

Legacy Content

What’s great about video content captured at a trade show or conference is that you can create legacy content with it. This is content that shows the progression of your company over time. You might have a series of videos on your content channel that show your first trade show, second, third, and so on. This content strategy also tells a story: your company has come along way from your first stumblings with a pop-up stand to a full-blown convention kit. Show that off and share it with your audience.

Highlight Reel

At the end of the day, one of the most entertaining things you can do with all of the content you’ve captured throughout the duration of a conference or trade show is to create and share a highlight reel. This ensures that your customers or vendors get to see the best of the best in a short period of time. You can achieve several things with highlight reels: it can be used for recruiting purposes, promotional purposes, storytelling, and more. Don’t underestimate the power of a 1-2 minute video online. If you’ve got a lot of content, you can create even more highlight reels and share them on your content channel, social media, and even on your website.

When it comes to creating an effective video content strategy, the key is to make time for it. Every business is busy, but capturing growth and community interaction is valuable now and well into the future for the state of your company. Make time to create a strategy for using video to capture your outings and if you need help, reach out to True Film Production. We specialize in helping companies and individuals tell inspirational stories that capture the hearts and minds of the viewer.

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Content Strategy: Create Your Own Content Channel

How Sharing Employee Stories Can Help Promote Your Company’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Your employees do more than just push paper and make sales: they are at the heart of your business, and they help to make it what it is. Think back to before you had a room full of employees, or a building full of employees, or even a national network of employees: you’ve built your company with the help of people who believed in what you were trying to achieve. And that’s powerful stuff. Take a minute to acknowledge all that your employees have done for you and your company; it’s amazing when you consider how much people give up to work with you. If you’ve been wondering how you can build your video marketing efforts more robustly, look no further than your staff. They’ve got stories to tell and experiences to share that your audience wants to see. But how do you do that? At True Film Production, we recommend creating your content channel as part of your overall content strategy. Not only will it provide rewards and recognition for your employees, but it will also help build your presence online and in your market. Here’s how you can get started.

Choose Your Video Content Platform

When creating a content strategy, be sure to include video marketing in your efforts. You are missing out on a great opportunity to capture the attention of your audience when you leave video options on the table. You’ll need to choose a platform for sharing your content channel, and of course, the easiest way to share that content is on Youtube. It’s not the only option: Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram Stories and Television. They all offer video options that help you reach your audience, and you can share across all of those platforms if you wish. But pick one as your primary platform and go from there.

Start With Their Stories

A good place to start your content channel is to start where it all began: have you employees tell the stories of what brought them to your company in the first place. It’s a great reminder for everyone how far you’ve all come, and it brings people closer together. Plus, your audience will love peering inside the operation to see what people think. Gather your employees and explain to them that their presence in the company makes a difference and that you want to showcase that across the company and to your customers and clients. Ask them to consider how they might tell their stories and set about creating a content strategy schedule so you can regularly produce content for your content channel.

Move to the Message

Starting with the stories of your employees is a great way to not only introduce your audience to the company, but it helps establish a baseline of the message you want to share. In their own words, employees can talk about what they like and how they’ve grown, what they’ve learned and what they’ve done to contribute to the company. But more than that, your employees can spread the message that you operate under a culture of inclusion and opportunities, you provide reward and recognition, and that you not only offer safe space for people to express themselves, but you also encourage it. Underlying their stories is the message that your company is one that values its people.

Capture the Culture

When considering your content strategy for the coming year, consider that you want to showcase aspects of your culture, beyond employee interviews. You might have a videographer follow you and your team around for a day, capturing the interactions with employees. You might capture moments where employees interact with and support one another. We know that people don’t quit companies, they quit managers, so take the time to show that your employees and managers are contributing to the culture together. It all matters and whether you sell paperclips or real estate, your customers care about how you run your company. What’s the best window into how your company is run? Through the eyes of your employees.

Showcase your company from the perspective of those who contribute to its growth and development – your employees – and your content channel will be beaming with great content. As a result, your business will benefit from the positive feedback and interaction with your videos. True Film Production helps companies just like yours create inspirational stories that capture the essence of a company and their values. For inspiration and ideas, check out our video gallery today.

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Your Team Is Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

Building a team that shares the values and core mission of your organization is the secret sauce to finding success. Your team is your brand, and if you do not have the right people you really have nothing. You want the people you hire to share your passion for your company’s mission and vision.

Countless employees are disengaged at work due to a lack of connection of their company. Having employees care as if it were their own company and not just coasting to their next paycheck is imperative. Hiring people with experience and skills does not always mean you’re hiring the employees that care. People who put in the most hours but couldn’t care less about what they’re doing will never truly succeed. When the passion is gone, the employee is no longer of value to your company.

So how do you attract the right team that has the heart, passion, and values your company stands for? Here are some ways you can ensure that you or your HR department is getting the right people to join your brand and give you that competitive advantage.

What Story Are You Telling When You Are Looking to Hire?

Every one of us has a story to tell, and most of us who are entrepreneurs have had pretty incredible journeys filled with struggle, perseverance, and passion that have gotten us where we are today.

This is where being vulnerable comes in. When you share this journey openly, it shows potential hires the values, the mission, the determination, and the love behind your company. By sharing this, they can clearly understand that if they want to work with you, they’re going to have to care as much as you do.

This practice of showing them how hard you’ve worked and how hard you expect them to work allows for an informed decision of whether or not they’re the right fit for you and vice versa. This practice can benefit larger corporations and startups alike. At the end of the day, your company means everything to you. Don’t waste time interviewing people who are looking solely for their next source of income. Your company is worth more than that, and no one knows it better than you. Tell them early so neither of you get the wrong idea.

How Will You Connect with Prospective New Hires?

The most critical part in searching for new hires is connecting your story with theirs in the most impactful way possible. Sharing your company’s story through video will help them visualize the impact you hope to make, and the opportunities employment with you will present to them to make your mission a reality.

Including your current employees into your story is key, giving your prospective hires a clear picture of how your current team functions and works toward achieving your goals. Show them who you really are; let them see your face, hear your voice and see your presence in this video to show them that you are at the helm of your company’s work, and not just the name on the biggest paycheck.

Video storytelling brings your company to life for those just hearing about you for the first time, it shares the core of who you are and where you hope to go. This will help you gain the interest of those who genuinely care and honestly believe in what mission. You want a person who will be on board and who truly cares, not someone who is there just for the money. Those who have the same passion and values will help you create a culture that will allow your company and employees to thrive.

How to Recognize the Right Person

When looking to hire a prospect, you’re not just conducting the interview, you are being evaluated as well. Keeping that in mind, you must focus on selling you brand and allowing prospects to find a connection to it before they commit themselves to you.

Sharing a visual story about your brand helps to determine how the person has or has not connected with it, and during the next phase of discussion you are able to ask questions pertinent to your core values. This will give you the opportunity to truly decipher what is most important to your potential new hire and if they will be able to align themselves with your culture.

Making sure you enlist the people with the highest potential for your company can make or break your current brand status. This connection matters to you as a leader, as your company cannot succeed if you don’t find people who care about your brand and your goals. Video storytelling will help you express your core brand values with meaning and will help you find and retain those who are passionate about your brand. It will help prospective employees find the right reasons to be a part of your winning team.

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How to Share a Compelling Story for Your Non-Profit

Behind every non-profit, there is a story so deeply connected to someone who suffered either a loss, an extreme experience, or a tragedy. And unfortunately, these people can’t always execute the outreach necessary to gain traction for their cause. That’s where we find the most basic solution to this need: Storytelling.

Stories are what connect all of us. Stories are what compel compassion and eventually action to make change. In our country today, there are more than 1.5 billion non-profits, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics. With so many worthy causes, it is each one’s story that unites each one of us is a story that has impacted us on a personal level and makes us feel we can change by doing our part and giving.

With this plan to create connections through storytelling we must then ask, how does a non-profit tell its story? Every organization is different, but here are the four best practices to get started.

Sharing Your Cause Through Video Storytelling

One of the most powerful ways to connect with another person is face to face– by seeing their expressions and honestly feeling a human emotion. While this may not always be plausible, the same impact can be made through the power of video.

With video storytelling, you can bring your message to anywhere in the world with the click of a button. Non-profits can send purposeful messages to sustain their missions and help those in need both financially and emotionally. With the power of video storytelling, this can be done in an informative, heartfelt way. If you are the founder of a non-profit, your vision, purpose, and mission must be heard to achieve the goals you set out to from the start.

Communities must know the emotional side of the cause, but it is not enough to make them see it, you have to make them feel it. Use video to your advantage to connect and give on a level that will move you toward realizing your mission.

Engage Within Your Community, But Reach Beyond

Most non-profits start at a local level, within their communities. Creating engagement locally can be easy to begin, but as your non-profit grows, so too should your reach. To surmount this challenge of reaching beyond, use powerful storytelling that contains informative dialogue along with genuine purpose to bring connections with many partners within the community and beyond.

Video can effectually share the emotion behind your cause visually for you. This engagement can bring those closer to your non-profit through social media, video news letters, website content, and much more. While we all may want to make a change, we first need to see all the good that our action will bring, to see in action how the non-profit we choose to connect with is impacting this world. Do this through video and share it with everyone you can.

How to Convince Donors They Already Care

This is such an essential part of fundraising when it comes to non-profits. Asking for money can become uncomfortable fast– even when it is for a good cause. That’s why telling an impactful story that potential donors can connect with is so important, not just to convince them to donate but to allow them to understand the reality of the mission and show them why they probably already care about it.

Make them want to find out more, to read your story or watch your video, so they can learn about what is happening and how they can do their part. People care, they simply need a call to action. Your impactful video can be the difference between gaining attention and gaining actual financial traction.

Be Encouraging

During times of crisis or need, people want to believe that good will prevail. Using video to share your story along with progress and results is critical to keep your number of donors, and fundraising efforts, increasing.

Your prospective donors want to see the issue, but they want to know that the action they take is going to effectively help those who are the heart and soul of your non-profit. This leads to repeat giving and continued the growth of your non-profit.

Sharing your story of not only need but also hope through video can be the only thing standing between you and eager donors. Including your previous successes makes a huge difference in how donors give, how much they provide and their commitment to continue offering.

Celebrate through video storytelling your accomplishments, give people a reason to continue to help your cause.

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How to Use Storytelling to Recruit Your Next A-Player

Video storytelling can break down barriers to connecting with your next hire.

Every company has the potential to be an amazing company. In fact, nobody sets out to own or operate a mediocre company. Of course, not everyone succeeds in reaching their goals of being the next Google or Facebook. But the world doesn’t need another Mark Zuckerberg; the world needs more of you. What works for guys like Zuckerberg is that they should up as themselves, completely raw and make no apologies for it. What the world’s companies do need, however, are the kind of employees that Zuckerberg has been able to recruit. Everyone knows the story of how Facebook got started and as a result, everyone on the planet has thought at one time or another how cool it would be to work at Facebook. Stories have that kind of power. So what’s your story? What if your story had the ability to bring you A-class employees and high caliber people that can take your company to the next level? Maybe you haven’t given it much thought but storytelling can be your golden ticket to recruiting your next best employee.

Share the Wealth…of Knowledge

Many companies like to close the doors to the outside world and carefully control the information that is released to people. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best time of day to post on social media, how much to write, say, share, what images we need, etc. But what we should really be focusing on is sharing the knowledge we have in as many ways as we can. Video storytelling, for example, allows companies to portray a very real and authentic version of themselves while sharing important information. When you consider how video storytelling could be used in recruiting methods, you might create a video to share with any potential new hires that walk them through your company and its values before they ever step foot in the door. When you share information about your company, the inaccessibility falls away and more people are attracted to what you have to offer.

Storytelling Bridges the Gap

One of the best ways to find out about any company is to talk to someone who works there, or who has worked there in the past. If you want to make a lasting impression on a new hire, consider how you can use video storytelling to share personal and professional experiences of your employees with potential new hires. Perhaps you might have a highlight reel of the best days in the company, or perhaps you have a raw video of people working through a problem together. Perhaps – and yes we know this is a bit of a stretch but we’re really excited about how impactful this could be for your company – you bring back a previous employee to talk about what it’s really like to work at your company. Talk about a stand-out approach to hiring, right? Your stories need to take your potential new hires from where they are to where you want them to be. And you can do that with information. And video is the perfect medium for delivering such a message.

Lessons Learned

Want to make an impact on your future employees? Share all of your lessons learned with them through video showcase that has employees talking about how hard everyone worked and how people pulled together and how they got the job done. You might even talk about how something fell through the cracks or how you lost an account: everyone knows it’s not sunshine and rainbows all the time. When you are frank about what goes on behind the scenes people feel like they know you better and can relate to your cause. When you share your struggles and your wins, those struggles and wins become the struggles and wins of your audience too. What’s more, it provides your future employees a chance to connect with events that happened before they ever stepped foot in the building. Lessons learned are valuable for everyone so don’t hide from them: share them!

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How to Use Video Storytelling to Inspire Your Audience

Break down barriers that separate you from your audience with video marketing

Video storytelling is a powerful tool that businesses can use to transform their audience from onlookers to clients, customers, and champions of the brand. Every business owner knows the value of a great referral, but valuable referrals often elude business owners. Sometimes, it’s a lack of follow through that costs a business owner a good lead, and sometimes the follow-through happens, but the connection is lost: your brand doesn’t live up to the hype of what someone else is saying about you. Ouch. A strategic way to ensure that your message is being conveyed appropriately and that your potential customers understand what you are all about is to get in front of them with video. Share your story with video storytelling and ensure that people get the goods from the horse’s mouth. Need some help getting started? Here’s how you can use video storytelling to inspire your audience to take action.

Video Storytelling Allows You to be Authentic

Everyone is talking about being authentic these days, but what usually happens is that people are so preoccupied with putting on a show that they fail to come across as authentic. Blogs and written content have their place, but they lack the immediate nature of video: video is right now, come-as-you-are real, and you can’t usually hide from what’s happening. Video allows you to show up as yourself, be yourself, and show the world what you have to offer. While might feel rehearsed and awkward at first will come to feel more natural and you’ll settle into the routine of recording and sharing videos as part your storytelling marketing efforts.

Emotion and Vulnerability are Not a Bad Thing in Video Storytelling

Aren’t you glad we live in a world where you can show your emotions without ridicule? Remember what it was like when everyone was playing the tough guy in business? These days, even the most successful business owners are sharing stories of their emotions and being vulnerable in front of the video camera lens and people are eating it up. That’s because all we really want is to know we are not alone, and when those we look up to or try to emulate, especially in business, are emotional and putting themselves in the way of critique, we feel like we can do it, too. It’s really an amazing time to be alive and share your story with the world.

Raw and Real Stories Leave Lasting Impacts

What’s interesting about video storytelling is what happens naturally when you are trying to tell a story: another story often emerges. We are so consumed with trying to get the messages right that we don’t let the natural order of conversation take place and we often miss these golden opportunities to connect with our audiences. When you are in the middle of a story, and another story comes to mind, don’t squash it down. Share it with the world. You cannot know how that story might inspire a customer or potential customer, and you cannot know the lasting impact your story may have on someone, even years from now. Don’t hold back.


Video Storytelling Puts You Front and Center

There’s nothing quite as intimate as watching a video of someone’s story on your phone or laptop, television or even on the big screen at the movie theatre. Stories are how we connect with one another. We love stories because we see ourselves in other people’s stories. For business owners, knowing that you are not the only one struggling or that you are not the only one worried about making payroll next week is a strong message to get. We are more connected than ever, yet we are lonelier than ever, separated by screens. Video storytelling helps to break down those barriers and puts us back in front of the people who mean the most to us: our customers. When your audience sees you, they are reminded of the work you do and they feel connected to you. The more they see you, the more inspired they’ll be to connect with you and work with you.

Ask Your Audience to Take Action

The classic “call to action” is when you put an offer in front of your audience, usually a chance to buy a product or sign up for a service. But with video marketing, you can offer more than just a chance to work with you, you can offer a chance to learn from you, and when customers feel like they are getting a lot of value from a company, they’ll come back again and again. You can always take the direct approach and ask for the sale, or you can use video storytelling and ask your audience to take a different kind of action: share the video. Tag a friend. Respond to it. Comment on it. Engage with it. Ask them to get involved. Ask them to take action that leaves a lasting impression. Ask your audience to become part of your story and you’ll build influential relationships with your audience like you’ve never seen before.

For more information about video storytelling, check out our Youtube channel and read about our storytelling services. We take pride in being the vehicle through which companies can share their stories. Let’s talk about how you can use video storytelling to inspire your audience to take action.

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